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Tibet & Himalaya

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Thaï amulets
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Venerable Ajarn Sane

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Buddhist Relics
Thai Buddhist amulets classified by type.

phra pitda amulet thailand
Phra Pidta

Phra somdej amulet thailand
Phra Somdej

magical rings of power
Magic rings of power

magical bracelets
Magical blessed bracelets

mae nang kwak amulet thailand
Nang Kwat

mae thoranee earth godess amulet thailand
Mae Thoranee

look geow & look aum amulet thailand
Look Geow, Look-Aum & Cie

bia geow amulet thailand
Bia Geow

takrut amulet thailand

buddha footprint amulet thailand
Buddha's footprints

Phra Kling amulet buddhist thailand
Phra Kling

luang phor sothorn amulet thailand
LP Sothorn

LP Thuat
LP Thuat
reclining buddha amulet thailand
Reclining Buddha

standing buddha amulet thailand
Standing Buddha

tibetan amulets
Sino-Tibetan amulets

amulet thai buddhist medal
Buddhist medals
day of the week buddha
The Buddha of the days of the week

sakyamuni buddha thailand amulet
Sakyamuni Buddha amulets

mae guan yin amulet buddha thailand
Guan Yin

various thailand buddhist amulets
Various Amulets

chinese buddhist amulets
Hou Chinese amulet
(Protection against Ghosts)

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