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How to order?
Buddhist Relics
Who is it you make live when you buy from Magiedubouddha.com?

Because from an ethical point of view i think it is important that you know to who goes the money you spend on Magiedubouddha.com, here is a picture gallery of the people
to who you give work and salary when you buy from Magiedubouddha.com

Your webmaster at work...

Above all this website allow me to live and share my passion for Buddhism and Esoterism,
to travel and to live a peacefull life that fit with my values.

All this is worth much more than money and i am very gratefull that my customers to give me such a luck!

Here is Miss Mint who is our Thai assistant. She take care of most of the translations
and to help me during my trips. She is really happy to visit many Temples
and meet a lot of Master when working for Magiedubouddha.com

Miss Mint also has her own online shop where she offer a nice selection of amulets,
religious items & hygiene/beauty products.


Artisan and shops

Khun Oï is the owner of one of the very few shop i trust when buying amulets

Me with the owner of the sacred mineral shop where i get some of the stones i offer

I go myself to the Thangka schools to get the Thangka i offer on Magiedubouddha.com,
this way i can offer my customers good quality and help this tradition to develop.

Mr Sonam is a Nepalese man who live in Bangkok where he sell lots of Tibetan items,
he is the one providing me with some of the ancient Dzi beads i offer on Magiedubouddha.com

Magiedubouddha.com is since years a good customer of this locket shop,
allowing Mme Khung and Miss Koy to make a better living.

This is the owner of the shop where i get most of the Stupas of Magiedubouddha.com

Mr Toh is the artisan who make all the plastic locket for Magiedubouddha.com,
in his youth he was a famous actor in Thailand!

This silversmith is making part of the pendants for Magiedubouddha.com

Mr Dordje Wangdu provide part of the Tibetan amulets of Magiedubouddha.com

Mr Shiam Lama, in his Mala & incense shop in Kathmandu. He is a very nice person, very helpfull with all sort of informations and provide the website with many hight quality Mala

Another shop in Nepal where i buy malas straight from the lady who make them.

artisan bol chantant

I buy some of the singing bowls on offer on Magiedubouddha.com from Mr Khumar's shop,
i choosed this place because of the quality of what they sell and also for another reason :
no children-slave workers (sadly rare in Nepal...)

mr george
Mr George is one of the blacksmith working for Magiedubouddha.com

As much as possible i try to buy only from small shops out of the beaten path,
here in a tiny Tibetan shop in Swayambunath.

Small messy shops sometime are full of treasures!

The charming couple of old Tibetan who run one of the shop where i get some of the ritual objects i offer on Magiedubouddha.com

Most of the Tibetan antiques on offer on Magiedubouddha.com have been obtained from some Tibetan refugee camps, very often those people have no other way of subsistance.

Many old Tibetan people are still working at over 80 years old,
i try when possible to help them by buying from them.

For example this old Tibetan man is soon to be 90 years old
and still make traditionnal conch dices. I purchansed the whole stock when i met him,
even if i know that such item is almost impossible to resell...

People working for my website are treated like friends,
we often have good time laughting together

If i need something specific, i sometime take the time to actually
make one piece myself to show what i want. According to my Nepali jewellers
it is "the first time they see a white guy getting his hands dirty"

This is the Thai silversmith who make most of the custom sized silver lockets for Magiedubouddha.com

Mr Rajendra, the Nepalese tailor of Magiedubouddha.com, he make all the Thangka framings of Magiedubouddha.com and also did a wonderfull Tibetan dress for Aurore

Monsieur Sahid, our Muslim tailor!

During my trips i often give work for the full day to some local taxi drivers, offering them a good salary for an easy work (going from one temple to the other with an easy going boss).
Thanks again Magiedubouddha.com!

Temples and Venerables

LP sao

Magiedubouddha.com help financialy Venerable LP Sao throught a dedicated sales page, allowing him to live in better condition and to take good care of the many abandonned animals he take care of in his small house.

LP taweesak
Magiedubouddha.com support the action of Mostly Venerable LP Taweesak, who is famous for the many hospitals and schools he managed to build with the money he raise by selling his amulets. Those schools and hospitals offer free medical care and free education to many needy people in Thailand.

By the regular purchase of amulets that are made by Magiedubouddha.com in the Temples of Thailand, the charitable action of many Buddhist Masters is facilitated, the monk's condition of life are improved and the Holy Dharma is allowed to be propagated in better condition.

As often as possible during my travels i practice the food offering to the monks, this also with the money from Magiedubouddha.com

Helping animals

pelodiscus sinensis

Years after years, many captive animals (turtles, fishes, birds...)
have recovered their freedom because of Magiedubouddha.com
Each trip i take one day to buy animals (fish/frogs & turtles) from the market
and take them outside of Bangkok to a clean quiet place.

In january 2010 about 30 birds nest have been bought and placed with Magiedubouddha.com money. Those nest have been purchased from a local artisan

Humanitarian associations

Magiedubouddha.com is financialy helping the Students Education Trust

wat kiriwong
Magiedubouddha.com is helping to buy new books for Wat Kiriwong school
(learn more on the SET website)

Aurore in Népal in the sewing workshop of the ROKPA association
where we buy meditation cushions

Sometime during my trips Magiedubouddha.com money is used for some punctual actions.

In this case to buy some new shoes (everyday ones and school ones) for some young childrens of a poor Thai familly. Whitout uniform the childrens cant go to the "free" school in Thailand

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